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How Our Company “Reputation Doctor” Can Help You

In this day and age, entire companies can be built and destroyed based on how a consumer based feels about the company’s website. Managing the reputation of your site is truly important and in the internet age it’s crucial to maintain a positive one. Thanks online review sites, people can find out whether or not previous customers had a positive experience purchasing from your company and have enjoyed your product. On the other hand, potential customers may stay away if they read some bad reviews.

The bottom line is that online reputation management can have a huge impact on your revenue and bottom line.

Here at Reputation Doctor we have the experience and know how to help you manage and improve the reputation of your website. Our team is filled with years of knowledge and proven strategy that help you protect the online reputation of your company. Services such as online reputation management and SEO services include getting down into the nitty gritty analysis of your business when it comes to both customers and critics. With our team at your disposal, you can be sure that the good reputation and business you’ve worked so hard to build will be safe from criticism and trolls.

So why should you invest in online reputation management and reverse SEO services?

Investing in a reputation management company can seem like an unnecessary expense that won’t truly help your bottom line, but in reality it can have a huge impact. Something as simple as a one-star review can have a profound impact on your business and sales. As businesses continue to depend on the internet to get the word out about their products, customers continue to look at reviews for guidance. Knowing how to address this change and how to actually make it work for you is a huge part of making a successful company in this day and age.

If you’re wondering how impactful online reviews can be, just look at these jaw-dropping statistics:

  • 83 percent of consumers say online reviews highly influence their opinion of a company
  • 70 percent say they will avoid buying a product if they don’t like the company that makes it
  • 62 percent of consumers said they would change their mind about a product or service after reading 1-3 negative reviews
  • Business executives estimate that corporate reputation accounts for approximately 60 percent of a company’s market value
  • 20 percent to 50 percent of all purchasing decision are driven by testimonials and word of mouth

If you didn’t think your online reputation didn’t matter, you certainly know that it does now. While there is certainly importance in letting your customers let you know about their experience working with and purchasing from your company, there are protections you have to take to shield yourself from competitors or internet trolls who simply want to see you and your business struggle. For that, it certainly pays to have a team of pros protection your reputation and your company.

If at this point you are wanting to learn more, just continue reading to find out what the exact services we offer that you can take advantage of.

First off, it is important to know that we approach every business we work with ethically. We want to make sure that Google and other search engines and social media sites look upon your business favorably and fairly. Our online reputation management and SEO services can be developed to fit your needs and wants.

Reputation Audition

We can analyze your existing reputation and find ways to improve it

Strategy Development

Your reputation management strategy will be specifically customized to match your unique needs. Don’t worry that you’re getting some cookie-cutter service. Our plan is specifically dedicated to you.

Damage Limitation and Reversal

If you are already struggling with an existing problem that is hurting your reputation and your sales, our team can help you fix those problems and get you back on the right track.

Reverse SEO

We work to get rid of negative content and push it down the Google rankings so it is seen by fewer people. This minimizes the impact and can help potential customers focus on more positive reviews.

Removing Fake Feedback

We work with publishers to identify negative spam and comments so that we can target them and have them removed.

Our company has solved reputations for companies across the country. If you have an problem and do not know how to fix it yourself, we’d be thrilled to set up a consultation. Reputation damage to your company’s site does not have to suffer forever because of negative reviews.

Reach out to us today so that we can begin the process of repairing your site, helping your business, and getting your company back on track.