3 Easy Ways to Remove Negative Info On Your Business Online

Nobody likes to getting negative reviews. This is especially true businesses and merchants who sell their products or services primarily online. Even if you are doing everything as a business owner to provide quality products and quality customer service, there can always be someone out there – either a disgruntled customers or an internet troll or competitor – who can have a huge impact by doing nothing more than posting a negative review.

While negative reviews are somewhat inevitable, how you and your company handles them is what really counts when it comes to maintaining a good standing amongst potential customers.

The internet can help your company thrive, it can also become a real problem if you fail to address negative reviews that come in. If you are interested in figuring out ways.

Respond Quickly

The most important thing to do when you are dealing with negative reviews is to respond quickly. To do this, you will need to know when and where negative reviews are popping up. Make it a part of your service team’s daily tasks to monitor all new comments and reviews online so that bad feedback never slips by unnoticed. There are several tools that are at your disposal to make this job easier. Consider programs such as HootSuite, Klout, and Google Alerts to get your process started.

When you find a negative review, keep in mind that the goal is to let the customer know their issues have been heard and apologize for the inconvenience, that is the most important message to get across. Do everything possible to make things right with the customer and don’t waste their time or your energy coming up with long excuses or trying to justify what went wrong. Future and current customers can see these reviews so protect your branding and integrity with a professional response and tone of voice. Let the customer know that you are taking their complaint seriously and assure them that the issue will be fixed.

Ideally, it is best to respond to negative reviews privately. Ask for the customer’s contact information and try to reach out to them offline. That is not always easy, as you might have guessed. If that is the case, feel free to do so publicly. While it is not wise to bribe negative reviewers, perhaps offer them incentive to revisit your establishment or purchase another item or service at reduced price. This might help them decide to take down their negative review, or change it to a positive one!

One thing to also keep in mind is that it is actually okay to ignore rant reviews. Most people will understand that these are not about your company and more about the mental or emotional well-being of the reviewer. If you must, it is possible to have reviews that are considered trolling removed so make sure to look into your options.

Address the Issue

It is rare for customers to leave a negative review for no reason. Chances are good that something simply went wrong during their experience and they are letting you, and other customers know about it. When you get a negative review, really consider what might have gone wrong and try to look for ways to improve it going forward.

Maybe the customer received a broken product as a result of poor shipping and handling. Perhaps a salesperson was rude to them. It’s not positive that you will immediately find what went wrong, but what is a simple fact is that if you do nothing to fix it, you will likely receive more negative reviews on the issue.

Sometimes, the best way to get rid of negative reviews is to simply fix some internal issues. Another way is to increase the number of reviews you are getting. Incentivize reviews with special deals or offers, or encourage customers to leave a review in confirmation emails.

It can sometimes seem like you are bribing your customers with these kinds of practices, but there is nothing wrong with offering special treatment to people who help you run a better business. It’s a simple give and take!

Make Handling Negative Reviews a Priority

It might be easy to lose track of what matters most when running a business, and online reviews is something that you can easily lost track of. While people continue to turn to the internet for more and more information, however, online reviews are simply going to get more and more important.

Consider online reviews a key aspect of your customer service. Doing so not only gives you the opportunity to turn a negative experience and subsequent negative review into and a positive experience and review, but it also improves your ability to control branding and awareness to future customers as well.

It can seem like just another thing to take care of when you are trying to run a successful and profitable business, but it is not something to treat lightly.

Hopefully, these three trip will help you on your way to better reviews!

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